“Working with Richard changed the way I think about my voice and I’ve never looked back!”

– Greg Gould

“My 15 year old daughter has benefit in many meaningful ways from her online sessions with Richard Fink IV. His scientifically accurate knowledge about the voice allows her to learn how to perform more reliably in non-ideal conditions. He respects her as a singer and treats her as a talented human being and not just as a kid. This means the world to her. He is helping her to compose, both by giving her confidence, and by providing specific guidance. He relays stories about his experiences in the music industry, which fascinate her and makes her see that she can be a part of it. Finally, and most importantly, his analysis of her singing is not only positive and encouraging , but is detailed enough that it is believable and useful. She is very fortunate to have found him, and I am confident that he will continue to adapt to her needs and help her to advance as a singer.”

– Jane Charlton

“Just over a year ago, I was incredibly frustrated with the state of my voice; singing was physically painful for me, and I just couldn’t seem to figure out what I was doing wrong. I stumbled upon the THROGA website, and as a sort of last-ditch effort, signed up for a few lessons on a whim. During our first lesson, I was completely taken aback by how perceptive Richard was in isolating my individual problem areas… It’s thanks to his perceptiveness and attention to detail that now, a year later, my singing finally feels natural and pain-free. I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made under Richard’s guidance.

– Max Petrillo

“Richard is amazing. I have really high anxiety and he was able to help me face my fears while still making me feel at ease. He encouraged me in a way I don’t think I’ve ever been before, and taught me how to work on getting past that crazy big fear of just singing in front of other people. I am looking forward to working with him again very soon!!”

– Amanda Beck

“I am a 60 year old farmer who has loved singing my whole life. I have always wanted to be better because I am my own worst critic. I decided to take lessons from Richard because I felt with his credentials, he could improve my singing skills in a short amount of time. I have been taking 30 minute lessons for 6 weeks and my improvements have been huge! The price has been definitely worth it! Thanks Richard!”

– John Little

“I had sang for years before coming to Richard, and was constantly frustrated by what I perceived to be the limitations of my voice. I convinced myself that certain styles, heights were unattainable for me. Since taking lessons, I have grown in every way as a singer (range, tone, dynamics, control). His knowledge of the vocal mechanism is deep enough that he can listen to you vocalize with his eyes closed and hear exactly what is causing you to strain. Richard knows how to teach to YOUR voice, and he commits himself to helping you grow.”

– Ben Longabaugh

“I’ve been working with Richard for a few years now and he’s truly amazing. When I was preparing for my battle on The Voice, I knew I needed Richard’s help. When you’re rehearsing for hours and hours every single day, you have to know that you’re voice is going to be in it’s best shape and Richard has taught me the proper way to do this! I love the way he teaches. He asks what YOU want out of lessons instead of teaching each person exactly the same. Plus I love that we can do lessons over Skype! I’m always traveling for my music and it’s nice to know that I won’t be missing a lesson just because I’m not at home.”

– Nicole Johnson

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Richard. My son Taj was invited to one of Richard’s seminars on his Australian tour and was very impressed by Richard’s techniques. My son has been having singing lessons online with Richard for the past 8 months and he has come along in leaps and bounds. Richard’s ability to connect with Taj is his strength. We hope to have a long relationship with Richard and his company, Throga.”

– Simon Ralph

“Working with Richard has given me a new perspective on my voice and vocal abilities. Before Richard, I had taken voice lessons for almost 20 years. Working with highly sought after vocal coaches all over the world certainly taught me a great deal, but with Richard something “clicked.” All of a sudden I did not feel like my voice was limited to a certain style and I began exploring new depths to my voice that I did not know existed. Through his specific techniques my voice has become consistent throughout my entire range and the tension that I once experienced in my throat is no longer. I am extremely grateful to Richard for his guidance and I will continue to work with him as I move into my career as a professional vocalist.”

– Shana Baccari

“I’ve studied with highly respected and well-known vocal coaches all over the world, but I found that Richard was the most well-researched, thoughtful and practical teacher with whom I’ve met. He identified and knew how to help me overcome the specific obstacles I was having, and ultimately helped me discover my true voice.”

– Natalise

“Other teachers have tried to change who I was as a singer, but Richard taught me to not be afraid of expressing how I feel. I’m so grateful that I found him online and can’t imagine ever going to another teacher again!”

– Lisa Rosell

“My daughter has been working with Richard for a few months and he has helped tremendously in that short amount of time. He was able to identify very early what was causing her voice to shake as no other coach had been able to do. He has helped her to sing for longer periods and not tire out. He is understanding, kind and we love him. I would recommend him to anyone!”

– Chari Huntzberry

“What can I say – Richard Fink IV is an extraordinary teacher unlike any other vocal coach out there. He is brilliant, confident, talented yet unpretentious. His innovative approach to this unique instrument has taught me more than I ever thought possible. I started taking lessons with him with one basic goal – to overcome my anxiety. Richard has given me the vocal skill set to be able to do things that I never had the confidence or ability to do before. Never in a million years did I think I would be confident enough to sing in front of my own husband, let alone an entire audience of strangers! Thanks to Richard, these are only a few of the many things I have done, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg… If you are lucky enough to get to work with Richard, he will truly help you succeed in whatever it is you want to do vocally.”

– Catherine King

“Richard Fink is an expert on the art of vocal coaching; no one has ever gotten so much out of me without losing my voice! I have nothing but love and support for him and all that he does, and I hope to do more work with him in the future!”

– Becca Nyerges

“Richard is an outstanding vocal coach! I worked with him every week for three months online while stationed in Okinawa for the US Army. We were able to go over everything from proper breathing to creating growls and I’ve become a confident singer in that time. This man has truly perfected the craft of vocal instruction!”

– Jerry Martin

“Richard, I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me reach a milestone in my singing journey. Although you have a busy schedule, you still made time to drop in and that made all the difference. I can look back at my performance and confidently stand by it. To believe in my own performance is something I’ve searched for as an artist. It brings tears to my eyes to have finally found it. I cant thank you enough for helping me and being a guide in that journey.”

– Jessica Attolini

“Our 14 year old daughter has been taking vocal lessons since the age of five. Over the years we have come across many different types of teachers with many different styles. Richard is by far, the most knowledgeable and worthwhile vocal coach that our daughter has ever had. She has been with Richard for over a year now via Skype and we have seen tremendous growth in her vocal capabilities. From a parent’s point of view, doing the lessons online, allows us to watch the lesson and to learn right along with her. Richard is accessible and available anytime that we have questions or concerns. We would highly recommend Richard, without hesitation, to any serious vocal student interested in making huge progress!”

– Kelly & Mike

“Being a predominantly self taught musician and singer, I found Richard’s mentoring to be fresh, innovative and inspiring. Of course it was great to learn the techniques but what I really gained from the most, was the shifts in my thinking and perspective of how to both utilize and steward my voice. His patient, calm and positive demeanor instantly put me at ease and helped me to feel I was in a safe environment where I could really allow myself to be honest in my sound and where I am at as a vocalist. I would recommend Richard to anyone and especially to those who like me, needed a bit of a push to really think about how I am looking after my instrument as well as those who may feel a bit overwhelmed (or underwhelmed!) by more mainstream methodologies. He has completely changed my approach on and off stage and I am now more confident in the voice that I have.”

– Mariam