Frustrated with a less-than-average singing voice as a teenager, Richard Fink IV started studying the anatomy of the vocal instrument and traveled great distances to work with several world-renowned singing teachers (this was way before YouTube existed!). Building on the knowledge he gained from these teachers, independent studies and over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Richard has been able to bring forth an insightful, healthy and unique teaching style to his students known as the Throga Technique.

Now, Richard is a co-founder of The Vocal Gym, #1 Best-Selling Author in vocal education and labeled as the “world’s leading online vocal coach” by the Wall Street Journal. His students include multi-platinum selling artists, actors, political leaders, Broadway stars and singers featured on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Australia’s Got Talent, The X Factor, American Idol, MTV, CMT, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show, Live with Kelly, Dancing with the Stars and many others.

As a vocalist, Richard is a 3x Guinness World Record breaker and award-winning singer for solo performances as Jesus (Jesus Christ Superstar) and Jean Valjean (Les Miserables). He released multiple albums as a songwriter and vocal-producer between 1991 and 2005, which even led to co-writing and demoing songs for top charting artists such as Josh Groban and Michael Jackson.

Other career highlights as a vocal coach include adjudicating the Voice of Dance Life Unite in Australia for two years in a row, representing the United States in the Suncane Skale vocal competition televised throughout Europe, coaching at Talent Camp at Universal Studios in the United States and teaching at all three JMC Academy’s (Berkeley School of Music affiliates) throughout Australia. Richard’s crowning achievement, however, was becoming the first and only person in U.S. history to be awarded a full-utility patent on a vocal training technique with the 7 Dimensions of Singing.


Like every singer, every teacher has a unique story and musical history that can be used to connect to their audience. When Richard teaches, he is able to accommodate the individual needs of his students by not only drawing upon his singing experiences, but also from his knowledge of nutrition, neuropsychology, physical training, acting, directing, music production and songwriting. Having worked with singers in 126 countries spanning all 7 continents, he has refined his ability to communicate the necessary skills through modern technology for one to truly develop as a vocalist.

Whether a singer, public speaker, actor or educator comes to Richard for a single lesson to increase their range, reduce tension, recover from vocal damage, or work with him over the course of several years to reach their full singing potential, he provides them with the tools they need to continue learning on their own. To work with Richard from the comfort of your own home using every day mobile devices and Zoom, Skype or Facetime, contact Richard directly for his current rate and availability!


No! The method Richard teaches will help you cultivate whatever style you are passionate about singing. This includes every genre imaginable, like Pop, Country, Musical Theatre, Classical R&B, Jazz, Folk, Grunge, Rock, Metal and the hundreds of sub-genres related to each of them. Throga and the 7 Dimensions of Singing is designed to develop a singer’s instrument through isometric exercises and coordination to reach your full potential. The greater your vocal skills become, the easier it will be to express yourself.


Online voice lessons are popular for both teachers and students because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness (no travel related expenses), plus they provide students access to top voice teachers and vocal coaches across the globe. However, there are some clear differences between the two experiences. For a detailed comparison of online and in-person singing lessons, check out this article on the Pros and Cons of Online Voice Lessons.


  • Increase your vocal range

  • Master your breathing

  • Develop a healthy & strong voice

  • Prevent vocal fatigue or damage

  • Improve your speaking skills

  • Overcome performance anxieties

  • Prepare for auditions or touring

  • Improve your pitch control

  • Sing in the style of music you love

  • Beginner to advanced singers


“I have tried to find my true voice for over 10 years and Richard was able to help me in just a few lessons!!! This was a major breakthrough for me because it allowed me to sing effortlessly and with confidence. He explained to me the physiological aspects of what was happening with my vocal chords and now I understand what is happening underneath it all. Truly a great and inspiring teacher!!”

– Fatima Razic


In addition to private singing lessons, Richard has co-developed a unique learning platform called the Vocal Gym. Using patented technology, it is unlike any other online course on the market today! There, he teaches the Throga Technique and the 7 Dimensions of Singing, where you can receive a free Vocal Assessment to discover your vocal strengths and weaknesses instantly. Many of Richard’s students use the Vocal Gym to help them monitor and accelerate their progress, while others use it as an alternative and affordable means to 1-on-1 lessons.

“Before I started working with Richard, I was playing shows once or twice a month while the rest of my time was spent just recovering and getting my voice back. It’s been a little over a year since our first lesson and not only can I play shows every weekend, I can play shows every NIGHT without straining or losing my voice. People who had heard me play just a year ago make an effort to come tell me after my shows how my voice keeps getting stronger and better! I owe it all to Richard!”

– Chris Bandi


Please feel free to explore the Frequently Asked Question section before submitting any questions. For lesson rates, lesson schedule and general inquiries, send a message to Richard directly using the form below.


What if I’m a complete beginner? Will online voice lessons work for me?

Absolutely! If you haven’t had the opportunity to sing on stage yet, struggling with some fundamentals of singing, or maybe just not confident enough to share your voice with others, private lessons will help you in reaching personal goals as a vocalist.

What ages does Richard teach?

Generally speaking, ages 9 and up. The reason for this is that online communication requires a relatively good attention span for optimum results. Although exceptions can be made for more experienced children and focused personalities, they learn best through play, which can be challenging at times with physical separation. Otherwise, it’s never too late to learn how to sing! Singing is a wonderful way to keep the mind active and the body responsive through artistic expression and physical challenges that improve breathing, communication skills, and so much more. Richard often works with students who are in their 80s and up.

Does Richard offer any free voice lessons?

Richard does not offer private voice lessons for free. However, he does provide hours of free vocal tips and other content on the Throga YouTube channel. You can also take a free Vocal Profile Assessment to gain access to the Vocal Gym Basic program, which includes seven fully guided exercises, which includes access to a private Facebook Group page for direct feedback from Certified Throga Instructors on your singing.

What happens during a private online singing lesson?

Every lesson is individually tailored towards a students’ goals and needs. That said, a first lesson generally consists of a brief introduction and opportunity to discuss any specific questions you may have. Afterwards, voice lessons are often divided into 2 parts: vocal exercises (warm ups) and songs (performance). Regardless of what you are working on, Richard will always be listening, evaluating and eager to help you find the best path for your voice and artistic expression. However, what happens outside of the lesson is even more important! The time you spend applying what you’ve learned, challenging yourself and singing often is essential to your growth!

Can I record a private voice lesson?

Yes, please do! There are many benefits to recording your private voice lesson. Richard will provide a LOT of information in each and every voice lesson, so not having to write everything down, being able to listen back to your vocal progress and practicing along with any new exercises is ideal.

How often should I take lessons?

Every lesson provides an opportunity to learn something new and progress towards your goals. That said, how often to take a lesson really depends on what your immediate goals are and the quality of practice you put in between private lessons. The good news is, you are never locked into any one schedule or length of time. Many students start with weekly lessons and then fall back to every other week after several months, or even just one lesson per month if taking an online Vocal Gym Course simultaneously. Richard recognizes that everyone’s goals, learning rate, budget and availability is different and welcomes you to take as many lessons as you are comfortable with, based on his availability.

Do I have to audition to take lessons with Richard?

Never! Singing lessons are available to anyone interested in improving their voice, no matter what their age, style or skill level might be. Finding the right teacher for you and your goals in mind is essential to reaching your goals. Richard has vast experience working with singers on stage, in the studio and in the practice room! If you decide that Richard is not a good fit for you, you are always welcome to explore other Certified Instructors (each with their own musical background, experience and personality) at

What is Richard's cancellation policy?

All scheduled lessons must be cancelled with at least 24 hours advance notice, or the lesson is still to be paid in full. If there is at least 24 hours notice, lessons can be cancelled at no charge or rescheduled if already paid for. Refunds are not offered. Out of fairness and integrity to Richard and all the other students, please note that we can not make exceptions to this policy. To cancel or reschedule a lesson, you can contact Richard directly.

Where is Richard located?

Richard is only offering online lessons at this time. His lesson studios are located in Rochester NY and Orlando FL, with in-person lessons occasionally available in Nashville TV and Los Angeles CA when traveling.

How do I pay for a lesson?

Richard currently accepts all major credit cards through PayPal, Zelle or Venmo for private voice lessons. Once a lesson time has been confirmed, he will send you a direct link for payment.